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Commissioning a piece of art provides a unique and personal addition to any collection.  Diane provides the opportunity to work with her on a personalised project specific to your outlook yet within the parameters of her style and techniques.

Diane has produced a number of Commissioned works, all of which have been beautifully received by the clients.

For information on Commissioning a Diane O'Brien Artist piece as a gift or an addition to your own collection simply email

Gold Fish Frenzy -Commission.jpg


It is with great pleasure that we attest to Diane O’Brien’s talent as an artist.
We have attended several of Diane’s exhibitions and applaud her captures of many wonderful vistas.
We also applaud the various styles Diane adopts, as she explores different modes of painting.
We have two beautiful paintings by Diane.
The first, a pastel sea scene, emanates a peaceful aura by Diane’s use of gentle colours and fading of the soft horizon into the waters.
We happily commissioned the second painting from Diane. Vibrant orange goldfish swim in serene and hazy aqua waters. This scene was perfectly interpreted by Diane according to our requests. The painting graces a sunlit nook of our home and is greatly admired by visitors.
We thank Diane most sincerely for her intuitive, skilled creations  and commend her to future lovers of her ever-evolving art.

Judy and Gary Millington

O'Brien Diane Second Valley.JPG


Diane was commissioned to do a painting for someone leaving to return home overseas. The scene, Second Valley South Australia, was somewhere the person had enjoyed spending time. The painting was beautiful and everyone was delighted with it. Thank you Diane for something very special.

Annette Teakle

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