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The Artist

Diane grew up in Berry on the beautiful South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. She was inspired by the magnificent scenery near her home town and enjoyed art classes at school.


Shortly after moving with her husband and 4 children from Sydney to Adelaide in South Australia in 1978, she began a painting course (mainly in oils) and later took drawing classes at the Croydon TAFE where she continued for 4 years.


In 1983 Diane resumed her nursing career which involved tertiary education and it wasn’t until 1995 that she was able to again take up painting.


She enrolled at the Panorama TAFE and did a watercolour course with Arthur Phillips who also introduced her to the pastel medium. Now she dabbles in lots of different media such as acrylic, collage, printing and drawing with different tools. She loves experimenting and her paintings take her on a journey until she is satisfied with the outcome.

She has attended workshops and classes with many well known and talented artists from all over the world both in person and on line and sometimes gives painting demonstrations. Her work has won several awards.

Diane’s paintings have been sold to overseas buyers in USA, Singapore, France and in Sweden as well as many throughout Australia. She has had several successful solo and collaborative exhibitions


Diane  served on the committee of Pastel Artists of South Australia Inc. (PASA) for over 10 years, 4 of those as President. She was awarded a Life Membership of PASA.  Diane uses social media to connect with other artists all over the world to share ideas.

Diane O'Brien Sasanqua Serenity.JPG

“I like my paintings to resonate with the viewer or to tell a story. My abstract paintings take me on a journey of trying different processes and materials. I constantly ask myself "what would happen if I did this?" with different techniques of mark making and colour combinations."

When I paint landscapes or seascapes I often include people in them so that the viewers can see themselves in the picture.


"My aim is always to connect with the viewer.  I have painted in a variety of media. I love painting with pastels because of their immediacy and vibrancy. More recently I have taken a different direction by experimenting with abstraction and mixed media using acrylic, collage and a combination of other  media. I enjoy exploring different techniques and subjects and I am stimulated by taking part in challenges set by different groups to which I belong.”

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